I want to thank you.  Today was a life changing day for me...  (a small business owner following initial consult)

After years of working on my not for profit, GoodWorks, Inc., I was at a standstill.  The research was done, I knew what it would do and how it would look but had no idea how to bring the vision into being until I met Dawn Shrum and we sat down to talk; she saw the vision and could relate it to the real world.  She used her business knowledge, organizational skills and patience to lay out a path; she took the lead then slowly shifted responsibility to me staying close at hand to guide and direct, and to talk me through the ups and downs of starting a business -- particularly a not for profit in uncertain economic times.  Nine months later, our plan is in place, the business is fully operational and we have a foundation of accomplishments to stand upon. We go forward armed with the understanding that change is critical to success and obstacles are tools for building the future.  Thank you, Dawn, for none of this would be possible without your caring commitment to GoodWorks In Leiper’s Fork and our mission to preserve a historic homestead as a whole-life living retreat and learning center.  Connie Westfall, Founder, not for profit, GoodWorks, Inc.

[T]hanks for making the strategic planning sessions so productive and fun! It was exciting to see the impact it made on the board today, and I am looking forward to continuing the development we've started. Thank you for...your time and wisdom to this process. The results will impact the organization for many years. (18 year music industry veteran)

You really are a Godsend to me... I am so grateful to have your unselfish commitment...
(16 year ceo)

Our situation had begun to overwhelm me and I wasn’t sure of the next step, only that I had to prepare for {the next year} but no idea how or what.  Our {collaboration} set me on the right track.  (non-profit founder)

[Y]ou will never know what you have done/are doing for me.  (new business start up)

I wanted to thank you {for working with us}.....I have  had several individuals that {participated in the planning session} say they truly feel, that because of what we were able to accomplish..., we are moving in a very positive direction....so Thank You!  ...it's exciting to be able to share the beginning ground work for our future roadmap (as you call it)...I really like that.  
(business veteran - exec comm member)