Dawn Shrum, founder & ceo of reThink Success, is a resource in high demand with business owners and ceo's.  She's credited with elevating existing businesses of vastly varying sizes to new levels of success as well as helping new business ventures implement strategy and structure that support long term development and growth.  Establishing herself as an organizational effectiveness expert in the late '80's, Dawn has influenced and helped countless organizations - from Fortune 50, international companies to small start ups and non-profits  - achieve ultimate results. 

Dawn holds an MBA in Executive Leadership (her undergrad is a BFA - but that's another story).  Currently residing in Music City USA, Nashville TN, she is a native of the North Eastern US and has called Princeton NJ, New Hampshire, Manhattan, and Philadelphia home.  She thrives on organizational diversity, her portfolio filled with clients in the music, finance, insurance, resort, skincare, medical and healthcare industries.  She believes that designing and executing a plan for the success of any business is fundamentally the same.  "You must know who you are, have a concise vision of where you're going and create a practical map to get you there from where you are today.  It's something that sounds basic, and yet, too many good businesses get lost."   

Dawn goes on to say that "planning is not always done well, but most business owners understand the basic concept and importance of planning - so kudos for that.  Where I see most business owners and ceo's fall flat is developing the plan that is really about their business - acknowledging the core truths about the business.  Getting past the agendas, history, and personalities, and down to the core of the business and where its future lies.  But I'll tell ya, I see the most damage done by failed attempts at executing plans and random initiatives.   Employees and leaders are tired of being guinea pigs for trial and error execution. It's got to be about culture change."  If your organization is already suffering from a dark legacy of trial and error execution, Dawn says not to worry, "there is absolutely always hope.  Earning back the trust of all the stakeholders is critical and almost always achievable.  The organizational culture must breath with integrity, consistency, transparency and communication.  It takes time and work, but absolutely a must for sustainable and progressive organizational success."

Find your way forward - to the goals, hopes and dreams you had for your business when you first began.  The experts at reThink Success can help.